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Training, Coaching & Support offers assistance for members of the staff council for (inter-)national companies in The Netherlands.

The person behind Compatent is Paul Companje, who has been a staff council member for approximately nine years in a global company (Shell). He is known with the concept of “self supporting teams” and is experienced with courses like team building, communication, negotiations and the Dutch law for staff councils; Works Council Act (WCA).

Global oriented (commercial) companies do not only have their interest in The Netherlands but also worldwide. Decisions made by these companies may result in a change of the company organization structure worldwide in- or excluding the Dutch part. When the Dutch part of the company is involved, the company has to comply according to the Dutch law of enterprises (WCA). They have to consult their staff council. Conflicts of interest between the representative of the company (bestuurder) and the local staff council can then be a real issue. Compatent can play an imported role as facilitator in these kind of situations where global changes hit the Dutch part of the company in preparation and during events.

Possible situations are e.g.;

  • Reorganizations on a worldwide level.
  • Changing local orientated services (i.e. IT and finance) to centralized services.


Training is tailor made for the whole staff council. During a meeting with representatives of the staff council (sc) their wishes will be heard and translated by Compatent into a ‘concept training proposal’. This concept will be presented and adjusted accordingly to wishes of the sc and also updated for actual situations. The training can be provided in Dutch and/or English. These training sessions take normally 1 – 3 days depending on the programm.


Coaching is offered for the whole staff council or for individual (new or experienced) members. Coaching for everything regarding the staff council, company or dutch law interpretation.

Possible coaching programms are e.g,;

  • New sc-members
    • The position of the staff council (sc) regarding the Dutch law for company’s (WCA) for new sc members
    • The sc strategy Communication Consultation with the entrepreneur “bestuurder”
  • Procedures
    • The sc-elections
    • Consultation meeting
    • Requested for advice
    • Requested for consent
    • How to deal with informal requests
  • Teambuilding
    • Analyzing the team role’s
    • Working together as a team
    • Specific topics dealing Global re-organisations
    • Pensions
  • And many many more……

Please request for the possibilities


Support can be given in many ways, just by sending a request by the contact form or email to or-info@compatent.nl.
Compatent will reply with a support suggestion.

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